Carl Danneels

Carl is an Agile/Lean Transformer, Coach and Trainer with more than 25 years of experience in helping companies (from Startups over SME’s to Corporates) to innovate and continuously improve. He started his own company Plethon in 2003.

Carl gets his energy from pushing the envelope to introduce new practices and tools in organisations that want to become more Agile.

His current focus is threefold, centered around addressing three important showstoppers for Agile Transformation success :

  • Helping organizations to become more ambidextrous (reconciling “exploitation and exploration”) .
    • How can companies free up the energy and create the focus to introduce Agile & Breakthrough Innovation in their organization ? How to make sure not to jeopardize going business ? How to come up with a portfolio that elegantly balances continuous improvement, bold transformation and breakthrough innovation? What is the role (emergent) Strategy workshops can play here ?


  • Addressing change management by better understanding prevailing value systems in companies, teams & people
    • To what extent do the values of individuals match with their current team & company culture and structure ? What would be the match (or mismatch) factor be in an Agile setting? How can we reduce the gaps by listening better to the individuals and teams without loosing sight of the company objectives ?


  • Helping Small and Medium Enterprises to profit from (Scaled) Agile How can Agile practices (like Big Room planning) help SMEs to better master growth ? How can Agile help to bring more structure to a fast growing SME?


Next to his Agile focus, Carl always had a keen interest in Lean Startup. In 2015, he launched a Lean Startup Accelerator “Fit 4 Start” together with the Luxemburg Ministery of Economy. He is currently still Chair of Lean Startup Belgium and organizer of recurring events like the Business Transformation Trends seminar, Agfa Hackathons and EYNovation workshops. He is a certified “Running Lean” (Ash Maurya) Coach and occasionally mentors Startups for organisations like Founder Institute, VOKA and Microsoft. Via his company, he has developed a “Startup as a Service”, Lean Intrapreneurship offering.

Carl is a Former Board Member of the Agile Consortium Belgium & PMI Belgium

Throughout his career, he has cooperated and partnered with Services/Consulting companies like, Cronos, Cegeka, ACA, Wemanity, Cap Gemini, Ernst & Young, Essensys, etc… while safeguarding an independent stance, always keeping an eye on providing value and results for the customer.

His customers include BNP Paribas, Sanoma, Agfa Healthcare, but also SME’s like Fifthplay and First IT.